Bring digital environments into physical form by voting for the best designs in housing and more.


Users can lock in a discounted rate for future use and support development of assets they want to see brought into form.


Ownership in physical assets are fractionalized and offered to investors in the form of tokenized securities.


Asset Classes

Real Estate

Alternative Forms of Housing

Alternative Forms of Housing

Vote, Reserve, Invest & Reside
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Managed Food Producing Assets

Food Producing Assets

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Energy Generation and Storage

Energy Producing Assets

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Resource Producing Assets

Managed Hemp Plantations

Invest in Resource Producing Assets
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Convergence Between Digital and Physical Worlds

The Blockcities platform and protocol of smart contracts will enable its users to trade real estate in fractions with higher liquidity and lowers costs. 

Blockcities is combining smart contract technology, corporate structure and legal compliance of property tokenization in an all-in-one service.

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A sustainable future?

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Blockcities is preparing to release it’s upcoming app for IOS and Android