Bring digital environments into physical form by voting for the best designs in housing, renewable energy and more.

How it Works


Users can lock in a discounted rate for future use and support development of assets they want to see brought into form.


Ownership in physical assets are fractionalized and offered to investors in the form of tokenized securities.

Milestone Based Smart Contracts

Funds are escrowed and disbursed according to milestone based smart contract distribution. Investors are able to view a projects current status using our Asset Tracker, which provides realtime visualization of asset construction, rental and management

A Toolkit for Sustainable Living

Blockcities has developed a toolkit for sustainable living to come about faster and easier than ever before. With drag-n-drop, plug-in-play modular assets that can be delivered on-site and set up for you. And professionally managed agriculture with seed to sale support.


Real assets are traditionally expensive and illiquid to own. Blockcities makes buying fractional ownership in physical assets possible with a few clicks, using blockchain technology.


Resource producing assets with professional management. Traditional farming, vertical aquaponics/hydroponics, timber plantations, hemp and more are all supported on our platform.


Micro-grid cooperatives make it possible for renewable energy infrastructure to be crowdfunded and tokenized. Individuals will be able to invest in their own sustainable infrastructure.

Real Assets in Programmable, Tokenized Shares

Investors around the globe can access sustainable investment vehicles through fully-compliant, tokenized ownership.

Streamlined Transactions

Our platform combines the most useful functions that blockchains have to offer, while incorporating licensed professionals, baked-in compliance and a gamified user experience. 

Licensed professionals plug into a secure portal to upload proof of task completion (using IPFS)

Professional Portal

The Blockcities




Initial Project Proposed

Preliminary Technology Assessment 

Ecosystem Design Completed

Preliminary Legal Study Completed


Team and Advisory Board Structured

MVP – mobile app prototyped

Smart Contract for Asset Tokenization 

Formation of Strategic Partnerships


Web App 1.0 Development and Testing 

Professional Portal

Investor Portal

Admin Portal


Platform Launch (in beta Q4)

Agriculture assets added

Property Analysis Tool 

DAO Filing

Virtual Earth Layer

NFT Marketplace using Solana


Internal Development & Testing

Acquisition of 80 Acres

Unity & Unreal Engine Integration 

DAO Development

Developer & Metaverse Partnerships


Public Launch

Platform as a Service

AR & VR Deployment

Global Destinations

Renewable Energy Assets 



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