virtual earth


A virtual twin earth has been created that holds the keys to unlocking powers in the real world.


hexagon tiles

We’ve created a geographically linked digital hexagonal grid layer that spans across the entire planet, allowing people to claim ownership of Virtual Land in the form of hexagon tiles.

Once our platform is released in Q1 2022, corresponding areas that have been unlocked will have access to new capabilities in the real world for that location. These new abilities include blockchain based Voting, Smart Escrow, Tokenization, Rental of Assets and more.

Monetization opportunities are created for Virtual Land holders through revenue sharing on transaction fees (.5%), anytime functions are executed in the area.

Grants Access to:

– Fee Sharing in Corresponding Area

РKeys to the City 

– Token Presale


Round up your community and pass out the “Key to the City” to individuals you want participating in the journey with you. The Key to the City enables access to future private events and discounts that are available exclusively to keyholders. Spark up an event, lock in a business, and use “Proof of NFT” for access.