A Marketplace for Sustainable Assets,

Powered by Blockchain


Bring digital environments into physical form by voting for the best designs in housing and more.


Lock in a discounted rate for future use and support development of assets you want to see brought into form.


Ownership in physical assets are fractionalized and offered to investors in the form of tokenized securities.


Built-in booking system synched up with AirBnb and Expedia, for maximized rent potential.

blockcities platform

Technologies Baked-In

ERC-20 (Utility Token)

BLKCT is the utility token that is used to transact within the Blockcities platform. Tokens can be used to vote, pre-reserve a future use or purchase security tokens, which represent fractional ownership of real assets.


Security tokens are considered an asset backed stable token. We’re able to bake in restrictions for investment requirement restrictions, build out automated distributions and voting for operational and management.


Real world applications are made possible using existing processes and legal frameworks. Documents, Images and Files are able to be referenced within smart contracts by utilizing Interplanetary File System technology.

Programmable Construction

Programmable construction using smart contracts with escrow distribution and verification by professionals (Patent Pending).

asset tracking

Real time visualization of progress, showing current status of construction or transaction process. Similar to a Domino’s pizza tracker but for progression through milestones.

professional portal

Licensed professionals plug into a secure portal to upload proof of task completion (using IPFS), which triggers the next step in the process. All stored using immutable√ā¬†ledger technology.

Request Invite

We’re preparing to launch the Blockcities platform in Q4 2021. Request to be among the first to get access to the Blockcities platform as a beta user when we launch.