Reefball NFT's

A reef ball is a designed artificial reef module which mimics the structure and function of a natural reef. These prefabricated, artificial reef structures are used to create or restore marine habitat.

Why Reef Balls?

It is evident that the ocean’s conditions are changing at alarming rates due to natural disasters and man’s activities. Pressures such as global warming, hurricanes and boat groundings all increase the environmental and physical stresses on delicate coral reefs. As a consequence of these increases pressured, coral reefs are rapidly reducing in size. 

Made from pH-balanced microsilica concrete, reef balls are treated to create a rough surface texture, in order to promote settling by marine organisms such as corals, algae, coralline algae and sponges.

3D Printed by OceanBuilders

Blockcities has partnered with Ocean Builders, and the Seasteading Institute to further catalyze ocean conservation efforts by creating a collection of NFT Reef Balls that will be 3D printed when an NFT reefball is purchased. 

Shipped and Installed

Once printed, reefballs will be transported and deployed in designated locations in Panama, Florida and California. 

Interested in Collaborating? 

Whether you’re an artist, agency or organization interested in collaborating, we’d love to hear from you.