Unlock the power of the resource producing assets on the blockchain.

Blockcities™ Blockchain Platform

Users will be able to buy a share of real estate and receive a portion of rental income generated. In the case of resource producing assets like renewable energy or managed agriculture; users receive a percentage of monthly income generated from the sale of resources generated. The size of the share and corresponding level of passive income depends solely on the number of tokens purchased by the investor.


The simplicity and convenience of investing, the exclusion of intermediaries, the elimination of borders and freedom of choice, stable guaranteed profit, the highest level of reliability and security of investments are the main features of Blockcities.

Tokenization is a process that transforms data on an asset into an encrypted code, also known as a token, in order to represent this information on the blockchain. Proof-of-Asset Protocol ensures that every single token is backed by a real asset. Tokenization applied to real estate increases the liquidity of real-world assets while delivering constant real-time updates to both asset owners and investor. Transactions and house listings legitimacy will be would be ensured through KYC.

The Blockcities™ Protocol for tokenization of assets and smart contract administration can be applied for a variety of use cases and asset classes. Applications include property renovation, rental management, new construction, large scale development, renewable energy assets and managed agriculture.

What Can Smart Contracts Be Used For?

The Blockcities™ Investor Portal will support renovation and construction projects of real assets. Functionalities to include:


Renovation of Existing Property

Project Automation


Rental Management

Exchange of Resources

Blockcities™ is enabling individuals anywhere in the world to invest across multiple asset classes including global real estate, managed agriculture and renewable energy assets.

The resulting product is the convergence between digital and physical worlds; a tool that supports and develops income and resource producing assets such as rental units, organic food and energy producing assets.

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