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Salt Lake City
Development Concept

Geodesic Greenhouse

Vertical aquaponics allow year-round farming in a 3V Dome, powered renewably using geothermal and solar PV. Experience a tropical environment during the middle of winter, complete with a waterfall and pathways through a food forest.

Earth Homes

Pre-fabricated structures built directing in the mountainside, offering unbeatable views with affordable pricing.
Earth Home



Blockcities is creating a voting, reservation and investment system for physical assets. The platform allows users to vote on what they would like to experience, submit their own designs,  and bring concepts into physical form by pre-reserving a future use.

Investors are able to make better informed decisions regarding an assets viability, while providing a discount rental rate to early adopters committing funds prior to construction being completed.

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Sustainable Living

Our upcoming Blockcities app will create the framework for a more sustainable, and technologically sophisticated future through open source destinations.